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Here are comments and reviews from Offroad Vietnam customers about our motorbike rental. We rent road and dirt motorcycles, off-road motorbikes and moped scooters in Hanoi, Vietnam for independent riding. Please click on the links to learn more.

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Most rental bikes in Vietnam are ways outdated due to high import taxes. A new bike here in Vietnam costs generally twice as much as in your home country. Semi-automatic scooters are cheap but they are not comfortable to ride on long distance trips. We are honest about our bike conditions and provide limited rentals for self guided trips. Our rental bikes are in fact among the best you can find in Hanoi. Some mechanic basics are necessary to have fun with your own adventure(s).

Upon collecting your rental bike(s) in Hanoi, we will provide a map, a phrase book, riding rules, some useful advices and straight forward tips.

- Mr. Michel Triel | Big North Vietnam, ~2,700 km | 13 days Honda XR125L 125cc rental
- Mr. Serge Limberger | North-West Vietnam, ~1,400 km | 11 days Honda GL 160cc rental
- Mr. Nick Moger | Scenic Ha Giang, ~1,000 km | 4 days Honda XR250 Baja 250cc rental
- Mr. Bartek Damski | Grand loop North Vietnam, ~2,200 km | 14 days Honda XR250
- Mr. Andrew Sachs | South-West Vietnam, ~1,000 km | 5 days Honda GL160
- Mr. Evan Tea | North West Vietnam, ~1,200 km | 8 days Honda Wave 110cc
- Mr. Oliver Keys & Stephen Grover | Northwest Vietnam, ~1,200 km | 10 days Honda GL
- Mr. Evan Tea | North West Vietnam, ~1,500 km | 12 days Honda Wave 100cc moped
- Mrs. Cecil & Mr. Colette Barnard | Central North Vietnam, ~500 km | 3 days Honda 160cc
- Mr. Roger Ibars | North Vietnam, ~1,200 km | 9 days Honda GL 160cc
- Mr. Michael Beer | Halong Bay, ~400 km | 2 days Honda GL 160cc

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