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Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Adventures – Rodrigo Olivieri & Manu Tonani Review 4×4 Tour To Sapa

Mr. Rodrigo Olivieri & Ms. Manu Tonani Review 4×4 Tour To Sapa

(5 days Central North Vietnam via Sapa, ~1,000 km)

Tempo of the tour and the stop-over: Very good. We had plenty of time to stop for photos, short walks, coffees, etc.

4×4 car: A good 4×4, with a safe driver which didn’t use the horn.

Accommodation: Always clean, both the rooms and toilets. Friendly staff on the hotels.

Food: Very good food, we didn’t  have any problem. Lots of variations and vegetarians options.

Guide and organization: Our guide was great in all the ways, his knowledge about the ethnic groups, history, the patience.

The price: It may look a bit pricey, but it is worth.

How did you know about us? Friend recommendation.

Additional comments? I did a second trip with them, this time off-road. I used the same guide again and this trip was another life time experience.

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Full name: Rodrigo Olivieri & Manu Tonani
Address: from Brazil, living in Thailand.

Below is the video of Rodrigo Olivieri & Manu Tonani’s 4×4 tour in late 2014. Rodrigo Olivieri has been working on another great film of 8 days motorbike off-road tour to Ha Giang – his second trip with us just three weeks after this 4×4 tour.

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