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If you have a private group, one of you collects the deposit(s) from all riders and pays in one transfer to save fees, especially via banks (over 80% of transfers involves a middle bank, therefore double charged). Western Union Quick Cash Transfer used to be easier, faster and cheaper. Unfortunately, we find this service a bit annoying from our end because they extend their reviewing time and even deliver time. However, it’s still better than a bank transfer.

Payment(s) can be made via bank or cash transfers. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment(s) through PayPal because this service has terrible conditions against Vietnamese account holders. Please use one of the two options below at your convenience:

Option 1. Western Union Money Transfer® – Money in Minutes Confirmation

To save bank transfer fee (25$US – 50$US), you can send money through Western Union as they offer competitive commission (2-10%, at least 5$US). We are a trusted company, highly recommended in many travel books, magazines and by many clients which you can follow this link to check out. There are many warnings about sending your money through Western Union. We are a registered company and has been in business from late 2006 so there is nothing bad that is said about us. Thank you for your understanding.

Recently, the authorization/verification process became very complicated and slow and it seemed Western Union wanted you to walk into one of their office/agent and pay in person. This will allow the transfer to go through in minutes as they advertise.

You can pay in your local currency and choose $US as the only currency to be paid in Vietnam. The Western Union form asks your deposit to be picked up at their agents or have them call us, please select the first option. Our details in full (You are probably not asked to give all details listed below, just fill in what they ask for. Filling in with more details means a longer telegraphic transfer message and may cost extra):
- First (Given, Christian) Name: The Anh
- Last (Family) Name: Vu (My full name should be Vu The Anh as written in Vietnamese way.)
- Country: Vietnam

Once your wire has been completed, you will get a 10-digit MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number), please send this code and we use this number to pick up the funds from a local Western Union shortly. We need to use an identity card to receive the deposit and you can put down on note area the ID card number 012455481 issued in Hanoi on October 3rd 2011 (this is optional). No other people can receive other than Vu The Anh (or Anh Wu), the owner of Offroad Vietnam.

If you want to find a Western Union office near you, please click here.

Option 2. Bank Transfer

(Please use your local currency in the list below if this helps saving transfer or/and exchange fees, otherwise send us in USD – we do prefer USD.):
- Beneficiary Name: Vu The Anh
- Beneficiary Account Numbers:
0011371882218 (in United States Dollars – USD) or
0011141882223 (in Euro – EUR) or
0011522871703 (in Australian Dollars – AUD) or
0011352871730 (in British Pounds – GBP) or
0011532871725 (in Canadian Dollars – CAD) or
0011001882198 (in Vietnam Dongs – VND)
- Address: 46 to 3 Yen Tan, Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi
- Beneficiary Bank: Vietcombank (Operations Centre) or full name Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (Operations Centre)
- Bank Address: 31-33 Ngo Quyen Street, Hanoi, VIETNAM
- Bank SWIFT Code: BFTVVNVX001
- Recipient Account Number/IBAN (if any, there is no number as this is only required for Europe): 0

Note: It is your responsibility to ask your bank how much they charge to convert into United States Dollars (USD) and/or transfer fee and if they have to go through a third bank (from our experience, 80% of the transfers usually go through a bank in U.S.A. like Bank of New York or Bank of America) before Vietcombank. Please only use USD, Euro, AUD, GBP, CAD or VND. Some of our customers were double charged without notice!

Before you send out a deposit or payment to secure your booking of our services, we suggest to check out the links about booking conditions and a list of banking partners with Vietcombank.

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  1. Joe Costa

    My name is Joe. I will be in Hanoi to ride from the 19th to the 23rd of April.
    I need four 125cc motorcycles with riding gear. I am checking to see
    what you have available for those dates. We will be on a self guided ride.
    This will be our fourth trip to ride in Vietnam.
    Thank you for your time.


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