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Offroad Vietnam provides professional motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi using Japanese Honda bikes with vast experience for years. We, in fact is a 100% Vietnamese owned and run company specializing in small group tours on two wheels and 4×4 only. Popular Vietnam motorbike tours could be from between 1 day to 16 days and carter for different budgets and time you have. For your convenience, we tailor make on or off-road tours based on your motorcycle riding skills.

Many people think a motorbike tour is easy to organize. This is not true if you want a safe outdoor adventure. There are so many things to prepare like bikes, riding gear, luggage and insurance etc. and other logistics. It’s not as simple as sitting in a car enjoying Vietnam over windows. It’s a game of coming back in one piece!

Below are three different types of motorcycle trips you could book with us, either guided or unguided. Offroad Vietnam provides some of the best motorcycle tours for you in Hanoi.

1. Fully guided motorcycle journeys for beginners, novice, intermediate and experienced riders. It’s not just a tour or an adventure, but a fascinating motorcycle journey! [ More details ]

2. Semi-guided motorbike tours (bikes & a guide rental) through Vietnam. Forget about bike fix and direction, decide your own tempo. [ More details ]

3. If you are looking for a new adventure away from the norm, consider an independent self-guided motorbike and motor-scooter vacation (bike rentals). We provide expert advices and tips for you. [ More details ]


All small off-road motorbikes and road touring motorcycles 110-125cc were 2013/2014 all new Japanese Honda models as of early 2014 for our Vietnam motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi. We discontinued all older 110-125cc motorbikes that many shops in Hanoi still use. Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours And Rentals In Hanoi: Touring bike fleet 2013-2104 new models used by Offroad Vietnam from early 2014

All 250cc off-road dirt bikes are Japanese Honda XR250′s and XR250 Bajas, were made between 1998 and 2005, owned and fully serviced by ourselves. They are among the best dual enduro bikes you can find in Hanoi. Offroad Vietnam Motorbike Tours And Rentals In Hanoi: Touring dirt bike fleet 1998-2005 Honda XR250 and XR250 Baja used by Offroad Vietnam in Hanoi


Below are the most popular Offroad Vietnam’s motorbike tours itineraries either on or off-road which cover the best areas for travelling on two wheels in Vietnam. Please follow the links to see sample trips, we can tailor make a trip that carters for the number of days you have.

- Ha Giang & Northeast
- Ha Giang & Northeast 11 days
- Central North Roof Roads
- Northeast
- Northwest
- Big North Loop
- Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road 9 days
- Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road 11 days
- Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road 13 days
- Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road 16 days
- Around Hanoi One Day
- Tours For Women Only
- South Vietnam Itinerary 1
- South Vietnam Itinerary 2
- Vespa Scooter Tours
- Custom Tours

After many years of organizing motorbike tours through Vietnam, we designed a collection of motorbike tours that our customers actually took. We know that not all riders have the same riding ability, so just contact us and together we will tailor make a trip at your pace.


Many of our clients posted video clips of their tours on the Internet, if you are interested to see please follow this link or watch on our YouTube channel.



Asia is one of the most exciting places on earth for motorcycle touring and Vietnam is a wonderful place, one of a few Asian countries offering stunning landscape, high twisty mountain roads and friendly people. From Hanoi, our company offers many types of amazing on and off-road adventures on two wheels (motorcycles, motorbikes, moped scooters) 4×4 vehicles and anything that can go off road, off the beaten track or off the tourist trail. All tours start from Hanoi but can end anywhere in the country. You pay us in one piece and enjoy the ride, there is no need to negotiate with bike repair, restaurants, killer traffic and a place to stay overnight.

Our motorbike rides are not categorized as extreme off-road holidays and Offroad Vietnam is simply our trade name. We ride on a variety of roads, both on and off road. Most of our tours are private and customized, but some are open for more riders to tag along, we don’t run pre-scheduled trips. Our staff designed more than 150 different itineraries, and the route map is useful for you when deciding where to ride. Tours are designed by professional riders for foreign riders to experience a different Vietnam away from the mass tourism. With us you venture many places less travelled, less visited, unspoilt and not yet mentioned in guide books. Conquering the high twisty roads, hairpin turns and meeting real local people who welcome foreigners as special guests who bring good luck to their homes. Motorbiking is probably the best way to freedom as you can stop wherever and whenever you want. Feeling pot holes under your belt, meeting the kids, shaking hands and having a cup of green tea with local people in the roadside “cafes or tea shop” offer The Real Vietnam. Windy mountain roads, lush green rice fields, historical Highway 6, Highway 4 and Dien Bien Phu battlefield, legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road, Khe Sanh combat base, coastal Highway 1, foggy Sapa, cloudy Ha Giang, magnificent Ban Gioc waterfalls and picturesque Halong Bay are just a few typical places you will see and much more is waiting for you to discover. Riding on empty countryside and mountain roads is always a different feeling from the crowded roads in big cities. Speed limit is only 60km/h and we ride slower to firstly play it safe and secondly take in the stunning views. Away from big cities, people wave and say “hello” as you pass by. They will gather around you when you stop to welcome you, touch your skin and try to understand why you are so hairy as well as looking at the bikes because they hardly ever see one like this before.

Every trip to our guides is a new discovery and a chance to make more new friends and build up relationship which in the end is an added value to the whole trip. The tour leaders are all trained with mechanic repairs, they speak Vietnamese, English and some dialect languages. With them, you will experience the very best of Vietnam and have more new friends. They are the real assets of our company and have been leading motorbike travel for many years.

The most popular adventures we provide are guided motorcycle rides (over 600 tours and more than 3,000 customers). Offroad Vietnam is the first and original motorbike & motorcycle tour operator in the Northern part of the country offering voyages exclusively on Japanese Honda road and enduro motorcycles. We are a truly professional team, own all touring bikes and maintain them ourselves. We don’t use rental bikes from any company. This is very important and we are different with most of the touring companies who use rental bikes and don’t just specialize in motorbiking holidays. We use only two types of touring bikes: off-road motorbikes and sport touring motorcycles.

To have more personal attention, we ride in small groups. No easy riders or motorcycle-taxi-driver ride is available, you ride your own bike or ride two up with your partner/friend. If you care about prices, we are not the cheapest but if you care about price/value balance then we are definitely the best (see more at review & feedback comment pages). As a way to say “thank you”, repeat customers won’t need to send a deposit for booking the next trip, a discount will be offered. A deposit is required for first time customers only and if you want to check out how trustworthy we are, contact these references, real people and straight forward experiences.

Please take a look at this page if you are interested in booking a guided motorbike tour, starting from Hanoi with us.

For 4×4 adventures in Vietnam, please follow this link.


A new type of tour from Offroad Vietnam provided in early 2013 and about 60 riders have ridden with us. This offers more flexibility and makes it easier for the most important jobs. It is an adventure for those who want to customize things as you ride. You simply hire bike(s) plus a guide, other things will be done by yourself. The guide takes care of the daily bike works and repairs, leads the group and finds out the best road(s), helps to communicate with local people and makes sure you don’t have to ride in the dark. You pay food, drinks, tickets and hotel rooms. Your guide is really an added value to your trip as he knows the bikes, routes and speaks the local language and is fluent in English. Just send us your travel plan, ideas and expectations and we will let you know what we could do. We are open to any suggestion or discussion to make your trip one of the best adventures you’ve ever had.

Please log on this page if you are interested in booking a semi-guided bike tour, starting from Hanoi with us.


If you love motorbiking with a sense for fun and an unguided adventure on your own, you have come to the right place. Enduro bikes, motorcycles and riding gear are available for independent (self-guided) riders to hire on daily basis. They are in good working conditions. All rentals should be reserved and paid with a deposit before you pick up the bike(s). We have not offered one-way rentals yet. Many clients asked if we could deliver or collect bike(s) in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC) and rode the same route like “Top Gear Vietnam Special” show and sadly the answer is “no”. All rentals start and end in Hanoi where our only office is located. Free advice and tips are available when you pick up the bike(s) from our Hanoi office. We share our passion for this truly amazing country and getting lost is also part of an adventure. Even a flat tyre/tire will give you a chance to have many more new friends and some clients were sad because they had no puncture!

Since December 2006, Offroad Vietnam has helped with over 300 self guided trips (about 1,000 riders). They all saw what they planned to explore and most had it beyond their expectations. Check out their words about our services, these are just a few customers who sent their thoughts while many customers posted their trip reports on riders’ forums across the Internet.

More things you may need to know about hiring our motorbike(s) in Hanoi and preparing your unguided motorbike tour.


Moped scooters and fully automatic scooters are only available for expats working in Hanoi on monthly basis with limited mileage of 1,500km/month. These Honda scooters are new or near-new (usually less than 20,000km odo and most importantly no crap bikes), good for riding in the cities only, not comfortable for long distance touring. The manufacturing years are between 2010 and 2014.


If the above are not what you are after, and you really want something for your own? Offroad Vietnam has some second-hand bikes, all are genuine Japanese Hondas and no Chinese copycats or noisy metal pieces. A real Honda costs much more than a Chinese or Russian bike. We are more concerned with performance, safety and comfort when you ride. Your insurance, in most cases, are not valid in the country. Therefore, get a good bike and flow with the traffic. Over 50 bikes were sold to independent riders and all had good feedback after a long trip from Hanoi down to Ho Chi Minh City, into Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and even one made it to Indonesia, the home country of Honda GL160.

Honda is the most popular brand, Vietnamese people refer Honda as motorbike by default. In fact, they are the most reliable motorbike on the road, you can simply look at the traffic lights and at least 70% of bikes is Honda. There is a variety of makes and models, some date back to the 1960′s. Most of Hondas in Vietnam are step through mopeds or automatic scooters. Manual clutch bikes are hard to find and are usually in poor conditions. Road bikes come with low handle bars so if you are over 1.7m, you can get a number of aches and pains when riding for a few hours. Raised handle bars offer a solution but then the steering is not so good. Dirt/trail bikes are the best but they are very very hard to find and at a much higher cost. Buying a Honda would be the safest bet because many mechanics have parts and knowledge on these bikes and it is not prone to break down. To see current bikes for sale from our company, please click here.


Apart from the main motorbike and 4WD tours and rentals, we also assist in getting some add-on services. We recommend great hotels of highly experienced English speaking and very helpful reception and honest drivers who don’t cheat you. A pre-approved visa letter enable you to get a visa on arrival (by air only) and save you time and money. You simply fly to Hanoi, have a total freedom of mind and leave everything with us to take care of. Below are just some most popular services our customers usually request, if you have any special inquiry just let us know. We will be able to help you out with anything and even refer you to other places if our staff can’t help out.

1. Insurance: Purchasing a normal personal medical insurance for tourist is easy and inexpensive in Vietnam. BaoViet – the National Insurance Company – is selling BaoViet Medicare Travel Plan from mid-2008 and we can help you to buy their plan with details here. Like most other companies, BaoViet won’t issue a policy to riders who don’t have a valid Vietnamese driving license. Some companies like CHI Insurance, World Nomads and Allianz didn’t require a local driving license and covered larger displacements. If you want to buy a comprehensive motorcycle tour insurance policy from a foreign company, here are some more handy links:
- Motorcycle insurance company Carole Nash offers a variety of policies to insure your motorbike with a lot of benefits available, you could even get 10% off with advanced riding qualifications.
- Compare UK bike insurance.

2. Hotel rooms and transfers in Hanoi: We work with only two hotels who are very close to our office. They are friendly and honest. Airport transfers can also be arranged. For more details, please click here.

3. Vietnam visa: We would recommend that you check on your countries visa requirements and if required. Apply for a visa in your country of residence before your arrival. You may however be able to get it at Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh airport, but not possible if you arrive by land. The customs will show you a travel agent at the airport who then “sells” you a visa for around 200$US! You need 4 passport photos or you can have them for two USD. The whole process takes 45 minutes. Since January 2008, we have been providing visa approval letter service (20$US/person for the letter). All you have to do are send us some information, wait to receive the letter (usually after three working days), print it and show the copy of this letter to get the visa stamp on arrival at one of the three international airports in Hanoi, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City (45$US USD/person for the stamp). This is for a normal 30 days tourist visa.


If you still couldn’t find what you are looking for, please use sitemap. Some links below can also be helpful:
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You come this far but still have specific questions about motorbike tours and rentals in Hanoi, feel free to contact us for more details. Alternatively, drop by our office and have a chat or share your experiences with us or simply have a look at our daily repair works.